What Are You Waiting On?

I am told the the Jews believe that one day Elijah will reappear and that he will be the usher who will bring the Messiah to redeem mankind. When the Jews celebrate the Passover they pour a cup of wine for Elijah.  It appears that they are waiting on Elijah.

May I share with you that I am not waiting on Elijah. And I don’t have to wait on Elijah to bring Him in. I AM waiting today, but I’m waiting on Jesus. He’s God all by Himself and He doesn’t need anybody else.

I’m waiting on Jesus. He’s coming with a shout, and He’s coming with blessings in His hand. I’m waiting on Jesus. The trump shall sound, and the dead in Christ shall be caught up to meet Him in the air. I’m waiting on Jesus. The trump will sound and my Lord will descend. I’m  waiting on Jesus. It does not yet appear what I shall be, but I know that I shall be like Him for I shall see Him as He is.

Did I mention that I am waiting on Him…….with a greater anticipation than ever.

In the Bonds of Calvary,


Am I a Friend of God?

During a recent worship celebration we sang the song, “I am a Friend of God”. I have both heard and sung the song many times but this time, and for the first time, I began to wonder what does it take to be a friend of God?

So I have been pondering these questions.

What was it about Abraham that made for such a superb friendship between him and God?

What was it about Abraham that that put him in the place of such a distinctive designation?


So, I’ve been looking at my life…..and wondering if I might also qualify to be called God’s friend.


I know that I’m satisfied with God, but I’d like to know if He is satisfied with me. I also know that He does not really need a friend.  He has the adoration and devotion of His Son on the one hand and the Holy Spirit on the other. He doesn’t need another friend. But I am curious to discover after being on this Christian journey for more than thirty-five years, how close am I to reaching Abraham’s status as the friend of God?


So I am on a new mission: Just what does it take to be so close, so intimate, so valuable, and so important as to be called God’s friend.


I really want that


In the Bonds of Calvary,

I Was ‘Chillin’….but then

It’s Sunday afternoon and I feel good. I feel good about my contribution to the worship celebration this morning. I feel good about the “Hand mime” special. Wow, they did really good and it was very worshipful. It made me very proud though I had nothing to do with it.

I feel good about the music and the new songs of worship that we participated in this morning.

I feel good about all the people who work to make what we do here a success. The people who quietly do their jobs behind the scenes.

I feel good about the e-mails that I receive regularly to encourage me.

I feel really good about those who responded to the invitation and turned their lives over to the Lord.

Lunch was good but “laying before the Lord” (sometimes referred to as a nap) was better.  

Now I am just ‘chillin’. I’ m not very good at sitting around. Idle time makes me crazy and even though I know  that I have a full schedule this week I feel like I ought to be doing something right now. But what?

Maybe I need to pray….You Think?

Father, I just praise, honor and glorify Your name for the special times when we can sit together around Your table as You break the bread and I receive the nourishment that You have provided. Thank You for the power, strength and ability to resist the evil that comes against me. Thank You for making me able to cope and to be more than a conqueror. 

I submit myself to Your lordship and stand constantly in awe of Your holiness and sovereignty. May Your will be done in my life. Teach me Your Word and guide me by Your Holy Ghost, in Jesus’ powerful and holy name. Amen.

In the Bonds of Calvary,

God Focused Faith

Several months ago when I wrote my first blog I wasn’t thinking about the second or third blog or even the comments that I may elicit from what I wrote about.

This morning as I re-read some of my messages I realized that I was writing often on the subject of FAITH. Is it because I have it….or, I struggle with it? Is it because I want you to know how much I trust God that I hardly think about anything else, except to see Him glorified?

I think that when we trust the Lord and rely on Him we have our faith focused properly.

I was not made to walk in doubt, fear, worry or low self-esteem. But I was made to live in trust… and trust is that principle that keeps me in an attitude of joy no matter what situations life may bring.

Here is a truth that I have learned since my diagnosis in April: As my FAITH increases, so does my happiness. Other things may be important. A positive outlook, a strong self image, or a healthy world view but none are complete without a God focused FAITH.

In the Bonds of Calvary,

God my Healer

I want you to know that I believe that God heals.

I believe that God heals naturally, I believe that God heals
supernaturally, I believe that God heals instantaneously, I
believe that God heals in time, and I believe He is the
Lord our God who “heals all of our diseases”. I believe that
God heals through medicine (I thank God for the doctors)
and I believe that God heals through miracles and He heals
beyond the doctors’ art.

I know many people who have been healed because of the prayers

of God’s people. God has miraculously, supernaturally,

intervened and healed in a way that He would not have healed had we not prayed.


For three days this week I attended a Pastoral Covenant Group retreat. The others who were present prayed for me often and placed their hands on me in faith and prayed for my healing. I believe that God will heal me in response to prayer.
Is it possible that some of us have forfeited the blessing of God because we’ve not
learned something of the healing power of prayer?

I hope not………because I am counting on your prayers.


In the Bonds of Calvary,

“A Dream”

A few days ago I received an E-mail containing the account of a dream that my niece had concerning my diagnosis of cancer. I feel that it is worthy to share with you as it recognizes the need and the power of prayer.
I dreamed I was in an operating room observing what was happening. You were laying on an operating table in the middle of the room.  Above you was a very bright light shining down on you, this was the only light in the room. Along one wall were about 7 or 8 doctors all in scrubs and they all had their arms folded across their chest.  All of the doctors were talking among themselves saying “there is just nothing more I can do” “We did all we could” “I wish there was something more we could do”.
At the same time the doctors were saying these things, people were coming into the room, one at a time.  Each person would come up to you and lay their hands on you and pray. None of the people had scrubs, they were all in street clothes. One thing that I noticed in this dream was that it seemed as if each person was being very strategic as to where they were focusing their prayers. (one was on your chest, one your head, one your arms).
With each prayer it was obvious that you were getting better. I did not recognize anyone in the dream except for you.
The message to me is very obvious: While we do not discount the power of medication and the wisdom of doctors we must never cease to pray. And, we need to be pro-active!
Let’s keep praying as we watch the healing power of God unfold.
In the Bonds of Calvary

The Strength of Faith

All of us, at one point or other, have been confronted by tragedy. What do we do when tragedy strikes?


Whether it’s death, divorce, illness,  or bankruptcy we cry out in our hurt, This can’t possibly be true! This is all a dream and I will be better when I wake up!

But it is true…..and I am awake! And there is a hurt in facing the reality of the diagnosis of cancer. I have never liked that word. I like it less now because it is used in conjunction with another word that I don’t like..”terminal”.

But beside hurting, I do something else – I turn to the deepest resources within me and draw upon the strength of my faith to sustain me.

I have learned that the resource that Paul had (in the sufficient grace of God)  enabled him to live by the Spirit no matter what occurred in his life. God’s grace is still sufficient and is available to me today. I can transcend tragedy in my own experience and in my own traumas.

This is the important message. “I don’t have to face the problem by myself. The presence of the Holy Spirit within me is real  and very strong. I have turned my life over to Him for guidance and control. What a difference He has made!”

In the Bonds of Calvary,