Happy New Year

Here are some things that I learned in 2008:

My time on earth is precious.

My attitude determines my outlook.

My relationships can make me or break me.


In 2009 I intend to:

Clarify my purpose. Why am I here….what am I doing…..what am I supposed to be doing?

Focus on my strengths. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Maintain my personal growth. My daily Bible reading, prayer and praise.

Surrender to the will of God.  I must give all to Him


Here are some suggestions for the New Year:

Call a Forgotten Friend

Drop an old grudge

Free yourself of envy

Stop magnifying small problems

Lighten up

Read something “uplifting”

Don’t be afraid to say, “I love you”


H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R!


In the Bonds of Calvary,


Turning the Corner

The Day of Christmas has passed.

It was good to be with family and watch as the gifts were being opened.

The responses were so different. From, “I’ve always wanted one of these” to “I saw this in the store.” 

The food was good and I’m sure I gained another pound or two.

It’s over.  So, to me, it’s a little bit like turning a corner……a new view…… a new plan….a new and refreshed determination.

The ever flowing river of life has now brought me to another year. I have no way of knowing what the future holds for me in detail. I am sure to have my share of troubles and cares. But, I know that the Lord is with me, and, where His presence is, there is no cause for worry. As I think about the things ahead, I can let it fill me with dread and fear, or I can trust Jesus and reach for the better things of life.  It is time to forget that which is behind, and press forward to that which God has for me. 

In The Bonds of Calvary,

Surviving the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

 Chances are your perfect Christmas will have some unexpected interruptions. I know mine always do. Soooo…… I am trying to figure out how to survive the next three days.

I have decided on a couple of survival tips to help me survive.

The first survival tip that can help me get through the most wonderful time of year is… I expect my plans to be interrupted.

I can make plans on top of plans on top of plans….my plans may not be what God has planned for me.
My best thought out plans are subject to interruption, but that may not be an entirely bad thing.

The Second survival tip that can help me get through the most wonderful time of the year is… for me to try and get God’s take on the interruption.

Sometimes I am so upset with the interruption I won’t even consider seeing God’s hand in my interruption.  All I see are dashed plans, nixed ideas, disappointments, defeat, and failure.

My life doesn’t always go as expected. Chances are my perfect Christmas plans will have some unexpected interruptions.

When God disrupts my plans, He’s  most likely trying to accomplish His.

These next three days I am going to try to see my dashed Christmas plans as an opportunity for Christian growth.

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

The things in my life will not work out. God is working out things.


In The Bonds of Calvary,

So….Let’s Celebrate

 I am going to celebrate the birth of this Jesus, the Babe in the manger, the Savior who died on the cross, the Lord who lives!  For it is “that time” again!  How am I going to celebrate it this year?  I am really goint to try to celebrate it celebrate it with understanding.  I want to grasp clearly why this Babe was born and laid in a manger.  I am going to look at myself and how I act. I will think about God’s love and His gift to me.

 I will celebrate it with faith.  Children often know better than adults what to do with a gift—they accept it, depend  that it is for them and take it as part of their lives!  And that’s what I will do with God’s gift.  Baby Jesus was laid in a manger because we human beings are so sinful and self-centered we could do no better than that.  But he came for us– to live and die for us, to live again for us– because God loves us and wants to forgive us and promises a whole new way of life.  I accept God’s gift.  I depend that it is for me.  I am going to take it as part of my life.

 Then I’m going to  allow God’s Gift to be seen in and through me throughout the rest of the year!


In The Bonds of Calvary,


God Got off His Throne

I read of two sculptors decorating a new post office in a suburb of Cologne, West Germany. Two giant hands, each two meters long, seem to be grasping for each other but in vain. One hand, the higher hand, juts right out of the side of the building toward the second hand rising from the ground.

I do not know the meaning of the mysterious sculptures for the sculptors, but to me they represent the hand of man stretched out for help and the hand, the almighty hand, of God, stretched out to deliver man from the pit into which he has fallen. This, in essence, is the Christmas story — God reaching down to earth!

When I think about it, I have to admit that the whole history of salvation is the story of God coming down to man’s level, in order to seek and save him from sin. Nowhere does the Bible suggest that man climbs up to God; rather, it is a case of God coming down to us. He gets off His throne and comes down to our level.

 Over and over again in Scripture we see God coming down to man.


Christ’s birth was the first step of His humiliation. No, He did not cease being God, but He did empty Himself — for a time — of the glory that was His from the beginning. I think it took as much love to lie in the manger as it did to hang on the cross.

I am reminded today of the virgin birth — that miracle by which the eternal Son of God became a human being through the operation of the Holy Spirit in the womb of the virgin Mary. This miracle is the climax of God’s gracious coming down, in order to seek and save a lost-in-sin mankind.

In the beginning the devil fired at the pride of humanity by saying, “You will be like God”. But in the fullness of time, God became like us.
So we see the road of redemption runs from heaven to earth and not from earth to heaven. God keeps coming down toward us. He gets off His throne and comes down to our level.

Oh, I am so glad that He did that ……..for me……..for us.

In The Bonds of Calvary,

Now I Know Why God Became a Man

I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about His birth.

Jesus was born to die!

Those little hands nailed to the cross That little mouth       “my God, my God, why hast thou . . . “ swaddling clothes       pierced with a spear …Born under star … sun refused to shine …no Christmas lights  only the torches of the soldiers… no jingle bells …30 pieces of silver in Judas’ pocket….. no punch or egg nog … vinegar mixed with gall


Why did Jesus come? 

To show God to us, to share humanity with us, and to settle our debt for us.

The angels said, Let us weave you a golden robe, but Christ shook his head.  Let us take all the pearls from the sea and build you a stairway down to Jerusalem. No.  Let us deliver you in a chariot of fire.  No.  Let us encircle the globe and blow our heavenly trumpets. No.  Let us call 1000 eagles to carry you on their wings. No.  Jesus laid aside his crown, removed his royal robes, stepped down from his glorious throne, leaned his golden scepter against the arm of the throne, and took his place in the humble manger of Bethlehem.

Why?  Because he loves me!

Perhaps this year I am more aware of that truth than ever before.

One Christmas Eve a woman and her children started off to church, but the husband would not go.  He was not a Christian, and he did not understand the incarnation–all that stuff about God becoming man.

After his family drove away, the snow began to fall.  As he read the newspaper, he heard something hitting the window;  it was a flock of birds, caught in the storm and seeking shelter.  He remembered his barn, and thinking it would be a warm refuge from the snow, he went outside and opened the doors.  The birds would not fly into the barn, so he put out breadcrumbs to lure them, then he tried shooing them in, but to no avail.  “If I were only a bird for a few seconds,” he said, “I could lead them to safety.”  At that moment the church bells rang.  He sank to his knees in the snow and said, “Now, God, I know why you had to become a man.”


In The Bonds of Calvary,

I Want More

We live in a society that thrives on more. People everywhere are after more money, more stuff and more power. From the billionaire who wants more money, to the politician who wants more power, to the child who wants more french fries; everybody just wants more! While the people who live in this world all want more of this world’s stuff, there seem to be very few people who are after more in the spiritual realm.

“The LORD blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning”. I am interested in that word “more”. Webster defines “more” as being “in greater quantity, amount, measure, degree, or number.” In other words, the Lord worked in Job’s life to give him “more” at the end of his life than he had at the beginning of his life.

I want the “more” that God can give me! I am not interested in the “more” of money, power, recognition, etc. I am interested in the “more” of the spiritual realm.

Let’s talk about how to have more!

In The Bonds of Calvary,

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