I Wonder….?

Several times during the last few weeks I have heard people make the statement, “The Lord is coming back soon!” The emphasis was always on the “soon”.

It makes me wonder, What are we doing about it? I mean, shouldn’t we be winessing even more? Shouldn’t witnessing to the lost be as normal as going to church, praying, reading our Bible, and paying our tithes?

Everything we believe in and like carries with it some kind of a witness.

Someone who likes Ford pickup trucks will brag about the features of that vehicle.

If one is a Walmart shopper you will often hear them say what a great deal they got.

That’s just part of our daily life.

Shouldn’t it be the same with our faith in Jesus Christ? Sure!


In the light of His soon return I am going to be more faithful in my witness.


I am going to make witnessing a regular part of my Christian faith.

I am going to let it become a part of my normal lifestyle.

Whenever a conversation opens the door for me to share Christ I am going to witness without apology.


Hey, I just did that………….


In the Bonds of Calvary,


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