Don’t Panic Now!

If Moses had panicked the children of Israel would still be tending the flesh pots in Egypt.

If Joshua had panicked, he would never have walked around Jericho’s walls.

If Caleb had panicked, he would never have said, “Let us go up and possess the land at once.”

If David had panicked, he would never have fought Goliath.

If Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had panicked, they would never have walked around in the fiery furnace.

If Paul and Silas had panicked, they would never have had a prayer meeting at midnight in the Philipian jail.

If Jesus had panicked, He would never have said, “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.”

 DON’T PANIC! Sometimes the brook has to dry up just to let you know that God is still in charge of the water.

In the Bonds of Calvary,


Yesterday is Gone!

Yesterday’s gone – it’s a new day!

Yesterday’s experience was awesome,

Yesterday’s experience provided strength for yesterday

 And today we stand at the same spot and we must make a decision…….

Are we going to put forth the effort to cut new wood? Are we going to dig into the Word for the ingredients to make fresh bread and meat?

Are we going to build a fresh altar and pray for fresh fire?

 Or, will we be content to feed on the ashes of yesterday’s experience?

In the Bonds opf Calvary,

Prayer Works!

In his classic, The Power of Prayer, E.M. Bounds writes: “Every Christian who ever did anything for the Lord was characterized by that notable quality called prayer.”

 “So far today, God, I’ve done all right. I haven’t gossiped. I haven’t lost my temper. I haven’t been greedy, grumpy, nasty or self-centered. I’m really glad about that. But in a few minutes God, I’m going to need a lot of help…because I’m going to get out of bed!”

While I don’t fully understand everything there is to the science of prayer, one thing I do know: Prayer works! God honors prayer and calls us to a life of prayer. In fact, the power of prayer has been confirmed by research. People who pray experience a relief from stress and a greater sense of peace; recover better from illness; possess a greater sense of purpose and meaning connectedness); have greater marital satisfaction; enjoy a sense of fulfillment; and are more likely to forgive others.

Well, that ought to make me want to pray!

In the Bonds of Calvary,

That I Might see Him

There is a story about a teenage boy who was deeply interested in scientific subjects, especially astronomy. So his father bought him a very expensive telescope. Since the young fellow had studied the principles of optics, he found the instrument to be most intriguing. He took it apart, examined the lenses, and made detailed calculations on the distance of its point of focus. The youth became so absorbed in gaining a technical knowledge of the telescope itself that he never got around to looking at the stars. He knew a lot about that fine instrument, but he missed seeing the wonders of the heavens.

As a Christian, to know all the facts and figures contained in the Bible is not the end for which God has given me this Book.

The purpose is that I might see God and know Him.

In the Bonds of Calvary,


  Someone once said, “Every man is my superior, in that I may learn from him.” I may learn the right way, or a better way. I may learn how not to, or what happens if I do. Some will give me tips, others pointers, others chunks and other….Nuggets. However, I can learn something from everyone I meet. How to act, or not to act. What to say, or not to say. Some, I will want to emulate. Of others I will want to do the opposite.

The things that make great men great aren’t really secrets. They are qualities open to the public, if the public is interested to learn. Neither are the things that cause failures hidden.

I try to learn from them both.

In the Bonds of Calvary,

Disobedience is NOT the Way!

There are many lessons to be learned when I read the story of Adam and Eve.If nothing else … I realize this… Adam and Eve show me that disobedience to the Word of God is not the way…

Listening to arguments against Gods Word is not the way… allowing suggestions and thoughts to exalt themselves above God is not the way…

My biggest life lesson from the story of Adam and Eve is simply this… Obedience will keep me in the Garden…  

In the Bonds of Calvary,

My Barbershop Experience

I don’t want this post to sound like a rant even though I fear that it might.  I have decided to tell you the story of my recent barbershop experience anyway.

I walked into the shop because of the convenient location. The lady asked my name and told me to sit down. The moment I sat down she called my name and beckoned me to where she was standing and once again told me to sit down. Since she was standing between two chairs I had to ask which chair. The look she have me was unbelievable as she motioned toward one of the chairs.

I sat. She began the process during which she wanted to talk. She appeared angry and I really didn’t want to get caught up in the emotion. I “uh huh” and “yes and no’d” a couple of times and sensed that her anger was building.

I was going to be the last customer of the day. One would think she would be happy,  but that is not the feeling I got.

She held scissors and a large pink (I know, right) comb. Each time that she would run the comb through my hair she would place it between two fingers in her hand causing it to hit the side of my head. I noticed that each time the comb struck the side of my head, the velocity seemed to increase. It seemed natural for me to lean away from the pain. Each time that she placed the comb in her hand in such a way that I knew what was coming next,  I flinched.

It was about the ninth or tenth time that I saw the comb getting ready to crash against my head again that I apparently leaned too far away and the angry barber became a chiropractor who gave me an upper body adjustment.

All that for ten bucks.

No more haircuts for me.

In the Bonds of Calvary,

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