The Power of the Universe?

Attempts are made from time to time to describe the power contained in this universe. 

The “Force” described in Star Wars is but a pale and inaccurate depiction of the powerful God who is in charge.

The truth is that man hasn’t begun to comprehend the limitless power of God. But we see a display of His power in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This power is not destructive power as in an earthquake or the eruption of a volcano.

It is creative power. And it may be unlike any power we have ever experienced.

The release of this power in Christ’s resurrection has implications for me today. One of its implications is that the power that caused Christ to rise from the dead can impact my life as well.

And if there is a power like that available to me, it would be a tragedy not to be aware of it.

In the Bonds of Calvary,


God only is great

Human authorities may command great power, but all pale in comparison to Christ.

When the funeral of Louis XIV was held, the cathedral was packed with mourners who were paying their final tribute to the king. They considered him to be a great king.

The room was darkened, except for one solitary candle. That candle illuminated the great casket holding the mortal remains of the king. As the court preacher, Massilion, stood to address the assembled audience, he reached over the pulpit and snuffed out that lone candle which was there to symbolize the greatness of the king. The room was darkened, and from the darkness came four words: “God only is great.”

I want to live my life knowing that “God only is great!’

In the Bonds of Calvary,

Connected to the Power

Just before World War II in the town of Itasca, Texas, a school fire took the lives of 263 children. There was scarcely a family in town which was not touched by this horrifying tragedy. During the war Itasca remained without school facilities. But when the war ended, the town, like many others, began to expand and in fact built a new school which featured what was called `the finest sprinkler system in the world.’ Civic pride ran high. Honor students were selected to guide citizens and visitors on tours of the new facilities to show them the finest, the most advanced sprinkler system technology could supply and money could buy. Never again would Itasca be visited by such a tragedy. With the postwar boom the town continued to grow, and seven years later it was necessary to enlarge the school — and in adding the new wing it was discovered that the sprinkler system had never been connected.

What a tragedy it is when we fail to hook up to the power of God available to us. It is a double tragedy when we consider that all we need to do to hook up to the power of God is to surrender to Christ.

I’m hooked up and intend to stay that way.

In the Bonds of Calvary,


I was looking for a definition of Praise.

Here’s what I found: Commendation bestowed upon someone or something; homage offered as an act of worship and expressed in words or song; to commend or applaud.

PRAISE is one of my many responses to God’s revelation of Himself.

The Bible recognizes that men and women may also be the objects of praise, either from other people  or from God Himself, and that angels and the natural world are likewise capable of praising God .  All that being said,  human praise of God is one of Scripture’s major themes.

To give praise to God is to proclaim His merit or worth. Many terms are used to express this in the Bible, including: “glory,” “blessing,” “thanksgiving,” and “hallelujah”.      

The types of praise are many including:  the offering of sacrifices,  physical movement, silence and meditation, testimony, prayer  and a holy life.

And when we Praise Him the advancement of the wicked is curtailed. So…I will be found praising Him.

In the Bonds of Calvary,

I Need His Assurance

We don’t have much assurance in our world today. We have a spiraling inflation….an out of control economy….Social security and health care are questionable.

Promises that are made by world leaders seem to fade away with the same breath that they are spoken.

We have come to a point that we start out not believing what political leaders are saying because they have failed us so many times.

The things that God promises us we can be assured of. God’s promises are both sure and steadfast.

I’m going to hang on to that! 

In the Bonds of Calvary,

What if I’m not ready to meet God?

Many years ago Orson Wells produced a radio drama of an imaginary attack from outer space.

A student at Campbell College in North Carolina turned on his radio midway through the broadcast and didn’t realize he was hearing a fictitious report.

When the announcer vividly described fire falling upon the earth, the student recalled some sermons from his boyhood years and concluded that the end of the world had come.

He grabbed the telephone and called home, saying: “Mama, Mama, have you got your radio on?

The fire is falling, the end of the world is coming, and I’m not ready to meet God!”

The next morning he was the object of jokes and teasing around the campus.

But in the chapel service a godly Bible teacher took the podium and said, “I understand that one of the boys got a lot of ribbing because he got scared listening to the radio program last night.

But, young men and women, what if it had truly been the end of the world last night — would you be ready?”

 Isn’t that the question we have to be asking ourselves?

In the Bonds of Calvary,

It Looks Like the Signature of God

Last Thursday I had a CAT  scan. I am now being scheduled for a scan every four months and Thursday was the day. Today I met with the oncologist for a report of the scan,

“Well, the tumor is not visible anymore. There is some scar tissue but nothing of concern has developed since your last scan,” she said.

“Great ” I said. Then she added, “There is a little area, a little white spot on the scan. The spot indicates that there might have been something there but it is not there now. It has never been seen on any other scan and it looks like an area where a healing has taken place.”

Here’s what I think: During the time between scans the enemy came back against my body and tried to mess with the genetics in an effort to get the cancer started again. God didn’t allow it because He still isn’t finished with me so He stamped it out.

To the radiologist and the oncologist it looks like a white spot. To me it looks like the signature of God saying, “Oh no you don’t!”

Praise God for His love and care and healing power.

In the Bonds of Calvary,

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