Our prayers do make a difference

Sometimes, when I have prayed, and the answer doesn’t come quickly enough I am prone to wonder. I wonder if He heard me….I wonder if I said it properly….I wonder if….I wonder when….I wonder why……

So I need assurance that my prayers make a difference. When I look in my Bible I am comforted to find;

Jabez prayed for enlarged borders and protection from harm. Other people in the Bible prayed for deliverance from trouble, deliverance from both poverty and riches, deliverance from the belly of a great fish, daily bread, preservation and sanctification of spirit, soul, and body, the healing of the sick, and the ending of the rain and its beginning again.

When the disciples prayed, the building around them shook  and an earthquake opened the doors of their prison.

Our prayers do make a difference in how God acts in the world!

I’m praying….

In the Bonds of Calvary,


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