Are there any job Openings?

I’m a “news junkie!”
I am watching and listening to newscasts and political speeches in an effort to be informed.
The latest report said that our current unemployment numbers are a staggering 9.3 percent.
I think that number reflects those that could work and would work, but there are no jobs available for them.
So I began to think about all the jobs in the church that need to be filled. Hospitality, ushers, cleaners, teachers, nursery workers, children and youth workers…….the list goes on.
I wondered what the unemployment rate was in the church…….
Many people feel that they could serve the Lord so much better if they had a better education, or more money, or in a different church, or had greater talents.
But God said He wants us to serve Him wherever we are. I think the majority of us just need to “Bloom where we are planted”.
Pastor, Do you pay?
No, but He does.

In the Bonds of Calvary,


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