The Crowd Was Gathered

As I read the story again about the “Triumphal Entry” and then thought about what Friday would be like for the One who was being heralded, my mind flashed back forty years or more.

I was serving as a police officer during the time of rioting and civil disturbance. I began during those days to wonder why people respond in the ways that they do.

I would see the mild mannered gentleman, who worked in an office, who was never assertive to any cause, suddenly get involved in throwing rocks and starting fires. This would be the same man who just a few days ago was seen attending a PTA meeting and other social events to assist his community.

This man woul get lost in the anonymity of the crowd! He may feel that he would never be confronted for his aggression. 

I think it was like that during the “Entry Parade” and the subsequent crucifixion. 

People seem to get caught up “in the moment” and lose contact with reality.

I will be at the parade tomorrow but I will not forget that He is the King when Friday comes.

In the Bonds of Calvary,