When God created us, He created us for success.
The plans that God has for me are meant to lead me down the road of true success.
Therefore, let us not be discouraged when we stumble and fall…God’s Word promises that He will always accompany us and be with us for the entire journey.

His desire is to see us as the top and not the bottom, the head and not the tail.

He desires to give us success…….not as the world defines it, but the real kind of success that comes with our relationship with Him.

In fact, He has promised that when we seek Him, all the other things that we seek will not only be given, bur ADDDED unto us.

So, I plan to stay close to Him and His Word, and allow Him to work in my life.
By dwelling in His presence and following His leadings, I will inevitably achieve everlasting success both in this life, and in my eternally beautiful future.

In the Bonds of Calvary,



Divine favor is only promised to those who qualify through acts of faith and obedience.

Divine favor is never an accident.
As I walk in dependence and trust in God, favor is unleashed in my life.

Favor is paralyzed when I have an attitude of pride and self-sufficiency.

I have learned that I should pursue the favor of God everyday.
I must Live a life of praise for God’s favor.
I must Celebrate openly, the favor of God.

Remember a God principle that anything not celebrated will ultimately leave your life.

There really is a “force” with you called “Favor” as an obedient Christian.

In the Bonds of Calvary,


Favor abounding in my life changes everything!
Favor changes my insecurities into powerful confidence.
Favor moved Joseph from the prison to the palace of Pharaoh in one day.
Favor can cause tragedy to be turned into triumph within moments.
Favor will cause great restoration to happen in my life.
Favor will release me to enjoy life without limits.


I must Take the proper steps of action so I will see the full force unleashed in my life.
I must Release my expectations toward God for favor today.

I believe that God wants us to experience the full blessings of favor abounding in our life everyday.

In the Bonds of Calvary,



The assignment that I will endeavor to describe was something I felt I had to do in an effort to determine that our military veterans are receiving adequate healthcare…..

For the past several days I have been undercover at the Veterans Hospital in Gainesville, Florida.
On Wednesday at about noon I went to the Geriatric Clinic and pretended to have a rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. They fell for it and whisked me away to ER and began a series of tests ( scans, X-rays, bloodwork). An IV was inserted and Meds were pumped into my body to stabilize the heartbeat. More X-rays and an echo cardio gram and then admission as a patient.
Everyone of those who were involved in this effort was totally professional and courteous. The nurses and the doctors on the floor were kind, caring and informative.

I was worried that they would figure it out and realize that I was working undercover to determine how well they do their job.

So far nobody knows!

I give HIGH MARKS to all those involved for their display of love, character, integrity and professionalism.

Well done VETERANS HOSPITAL in Gainesville.

And I am fine.

In the Bonds of Calvary,